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[23 Jan 2017|06:42pm]
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[05 Nov 2010|12:25am]
Hi, LJ.  I miss you being awesome.
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[16 Sep 2010|01:54pm]
I was going to start using this again but the ads are pissing me off.  Really, LJ?
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eBay [09 Aug 2010|11:02am]
Selling quite a few things on eBay this week.  Video games, movies, camping stuff, action figures, etc., etc....
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Site revamp done - all new doom [15 Jun 2009|08:18pm]
[ mood | excited ]

The nearly 2 month long reconstruction is done.

The NEW Wanderer

Feedback plz.

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Beachfront bound! [28 May 2009|06:04pm]
[ mood | excited ]

We leave sometime Saturday to head to the condo in NC. It's going to rule - it's right on the beach, it's only a half hour from Myrtle Beach, it has a private pool, and it's in an uncrowded area. This is our first real vacation since Disney 2 years ago and I'm excited. My brother and Steph are going with us, and sometime during the trip we're visiting my mom. I have to figure that out still, since she's at the tippy top of NC and where we're going is way at the bottom.
I originally requested Sunday off from work so we could leave then. My boss called me a few days ago and asked if I wanted Saturday off too. Sweet deal. So I only work tomorrow.
Nearly a week on the beach. I need it, I really do. I've been pretty stressed the past few months with work, bills, school, etc., etc...

Memorial Day was pretty chill. We headed down to see some of Annie's family and pick up the condo keys. After that we took the lovely drive through the Pine Barrens to visit my family. We had a small cookout and then walked the Ocean Gate boardwalk with my brother and Mr. Dawe. Afterward was Dairy Queen black cherry vanilla goodness.

The site is 95% complete. All the places pages are done; just have to make up random crap like the links page.

I'm still not over Archie choosing Veronica over Betty. That's one of maybe three instances where I'd pick the blonde over the brunette. Veronica's a prissy richy bitch. Betty's the good natured, down-to-earth, plain, pure, girl-next-door type.
Why do I care this much about comics I haven't read in like 20 years? I just think this decision brings the wrong message to kids, I guess.
Bah, I still think he could've pulled off a menage a trois.
There's a good message, kiddies. Can't pick? Bang 'em both.
Utilitarianism, my friends. The greatest good for the greatest amount.
Or something.

Anyway, off to find geocaches and site-worthy places to add to the trip itinerary. You can bet your ass South of the Border will be appearing in the near future. That place is the epitome of tourist trap.

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Twitter [18 May 2009|03:42pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Made a Twitter for me & the site...
Twitty twit twit.

Also, whole site is getting completely revamped.

That's about it. Now I'm off to neglect LJ again.

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Unsure of Flower's gender and orientation [04 May 2009|02:37am]
[ mood | drained ]

lol, livejournal. Anyone even post here anymore?

I'm embarrassed to admit tonight was the first time I ever saw Bambi. Up until today, I thought Bambi was a girl. How many strippers and porn stars are named Bambi? I thought my conclusion was logical.
...anyway, I thought the movie was ultimately pointless. What's the plot? A year in the life of a deer. You get the full circle, circle of life nonsense. There's really no plot or point. His mom dies, his deadbeat dad comes in once in a while, and other animals say stupid shit.
The supporting characters serve no purpose. Thumper teaches him some things and is just there to be annoying really. Flower is in the movie maybe 2 minutes total. When the 3 reunite, it's for maybe a minute until they all ditch each other to get their dicks wet.
Heh, sounds like my group of post-high school friends.
...anyway, is it me or did Flower either get a sex change or turn straight? Flower sounded like a girl and was flirting hardcore with Bambi when they were kids.
*bats eyes* "He can call me a flower if he wants to. I don't mind." *flirty holding-your-feet-kinda-roll-thing*
And...her name is...Flower. Come on.
Then we get to adult Flower, and what-the-fuck-that's-a-guy's-voice! What the hell happened to the flirty little skunk batting his/her eyes at Bambi? Either s/he hit puberty or flew to Thailand to get injected with testosterone. I thought Disney fucked up and put the wrong skunk in that scene. Surely that female skunk that shows up in the adult part is Flower, right?
Oh...alright then. Not confusing at all. Just gonna act like the bromance never happened.
One way or another, Flower bats for the other team now.


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[24 Feb 2009|02:07am]
I think the only reason I even have this thing still is because it's how Annie and I met.
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Even more eBay Doomness. Also, be a fan of my website on Facebook. [05 Feb 2009|01:16am]
Put up a bunch more stuff on eBay.

Buy somethin' will ya!

Most things end 4-5 days from now. The Final Fantasy 8 Guardian Forces end in a week.

Also, I made a fan page for my website & books on Facebook. If you're on there, make sure you go ahead and add The Wanderer Fan Page.
And if you haven't already, look me up on there too.
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eBay! eBay! Selling my past away... [04 Feb 2009|02:28am]
Just put a bunch of stuff on eBay - games, music, figures, etc.

Buy somethin' will ya!

I may be listing more stuff as the week goes on. This batch of stuff ends 5 days from now.

All proceeds go toward paying off credit cards, student loans, and my insurance deductible.
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New England stuff [12 Dec 2008|12:21am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Still haven't decided if I want to completely abandon LJ or not, so for now here's a quick summary of the New England trip from October.

Way back in early October we went on a mini vacation to New England, visiting 9 places total.

To start off, we went to a ghost town in southern New Hampshire, Monson:

We camped out in Maine overnight, then spent all day there. We happened to be at the campground run by the owners of the Desert of Maine:

Down the road were 2 roadside oddities. First we came across the Freeport Big Indian:

Down the road was Eartha:

We then headed to The Narrows Observatory:

And next to that just happened to be Fort Knox:

Ending our Maine romp was the World Traveler Sign:

Last stop of the trip was in Vermont, at Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory. While we did take the tour, we were mostly interested in the Flavor Graveyard:

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[25 Nov 2008|02:30am]
lol, livejournal.
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Down Jersey [13 Nov 2008|02:14am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

After a few weeks of constant homesickness, I finally paid the old OC a visit Monday-Wednesday. It was nice seeing everyone for the first time since August (still can't believe it's been that long already) and doing all the stuff I do whenever I come down. It was not nice, however, to see even more stuff (including Good Luck Farm) demolished and even more unnecessary clone stores and strip malls being built on every square inch of free space. Every time I go back down, the place dies a little more. One day, the area's going to completely lose its identity and be nothing more than a wasteland of chain store sprawl. And it's spreading.

As of Tuesday, I've been with Annie for 5 years. I can't believe it's been that long already.

School is getting old really fast. Only 2 weeks in and I'm hating this "learning team" nonsense. If I knew we had to do group projects for online classes, I probably would have not gone back. First off, I don't do group stuff. I work on all my stuff alone, always have. Forcing me into a group is not going to make me a squeaky clean, ready-to-make-an-educational-video-on-teamwork kind of guy; it's going to make me crabbier and even more of a hermit. Secondly, group work is bad enough, but group work over the internet? That's just a recipe for disaster. Finally, why the hell do I have to do group work for one of the most solitary of professions there is?
I hate relying on others. I hate knowing part of my grade is at stake if some idiot turns in their part late or just doesn't do their work. I hate my cocky "team leader" who I suspect was the lone male cheerleader at some point in high school. I hate that I'm being whined at for not participating in group discussion when there's nothing due group-wise for another 2 weeks.
I would much rather write a 2500 word paper alone than do a 500 word section and have to clumsily piece it together like a poorly made Voltron with four other people who I'm likely never going to actually meet.

I came to a lovely revelation Monday night - life would be much more exciting if it had mini games built in.
"You're going to bed! Spin the wheel to see what your prize for the night is!"
"Flip over 2 matching cards and get free overtime!"

Man that would rule.

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Tri-State Tour - PA/NY/NY - site update [05 Nov 2008|05:14pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

We went camping at the Water Gap the last week of August and put together a pretty good trip. We first headed to the easternmost town in PA, Matamoras, to see The Garden of Scripture - 40+ pics of Bible scenes that some guy set up in his backyard.

We then headed to the spot where NJ, NY, and PA all join.

From there we headed to High Point, the highest point in NJ. Nothing overly special.

Lastly, we visited a place I've been wanting to see for years, Space Farms Zoo and Museum. Combine Popcorn Park Zoo with the Mutter Museum and the Shelburne Museum, and you get something like Space Farms. Besides a zoo, you get old cars, coffins, Indian skulls, pickled embryos, and just about everything else under the sun.

Coming next month - the results of our New England trip.

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Back to school.....and snow before Halloween. [31 Oct 2008|02:17am]
[ mood | blah ]

For the first time in my life, I saw snow before Halloween. We got about half a foot on Tuesday and then a bit more early Wednesday. I didn't even get time to rake the leaves yet, man.

School started up for me on Tuesday. Nobody bothered telling me that my first course was going to be yet another pointless business class - which ultimately is a "lol Powerpoint" class that does nothing but repeat over and over to be professional in professional settings. No, really? I hate not knowing what courses I have until the day before. I just wish there were more options.
On the plus side, they were kind enough to accept my math credits. Initially they were going to force me to take college algebra, but I guess that 94 in statistics changed their minds. If I can find sigma or theta, or if I can use a t- or z-score chart, I can damn well find x.
So the first class started Tuesday. I had my entire first week's homework done by Wednesday afternoon. If I can keep up that pace, this won't be as bad as I thought.
I don't think it's sunk in yet that I'm finally a junior. Only took 6 years or so.

Last Halloween I was in court with my seller. For this year's, I'll be doing my weekend/delinquent/camping thing. One of these years I'll actually be able to do something for the holiday.

I'm thinking of going down to the old OC either this upcoming week or the next. Depends on homework, money, and whether or not I feel like driving nearly 3 hours after driving around all weekend. I've been pretty homesick for the past week, and I haven't been down there since the end of August, so I think it's about time. I'll be down for Thanksgiving too, but I don't feel like waiting that long.

When I moved up here, I was worried my site updates were going to lag. Now I have the opposite problem; I did a count and I have 16 places in queue. All the stuff from our camping trip, the New England trip, and just things I've found here & there need to be posted.
And I'm sleepy. All the time.

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Who is dumpster diving? Oh my God, bear is dumpster diving! How can that be? [28 Oct 2008|01:10am]
[ mood | anxious ]

So we're all up at the camp, doing our usual Friday routine of picking up a van for the weekend, when this lil' fellow stumbles out of the woods:

Apparently he was hungry.

Sabo never saw a bear before and walked toward it. After being told the bear would likely eviscerate him, he settled for a photo about 10 feet away:

And here's a video I compiled:

Yay, I start back up the academic life today. Finally a college junior. I'm not looking forward to classwork again at all, but at least it gives me something to do instead of sitting around wishing that I had something to do, which I've been doing a lot lately.
Funny how the day I head back all my loan companies send me mail informing me that my deferment period is over. I don't think so!
Back to balancing book stuff & class stuff. Gonna get burned out from sitting in front of the computer too much again. But at least this time around I don't work in front of one.

Rock Band is very fun.

I think another Jersey visit is about due.

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1 year already? [22 Oct 2008|01:52am]
I've been living in PA for 1 year now. That went by rather quickly.
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Hike, you! Hike some more! [15 Oct 2008|07:29pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

We've been doing quite a bit of hiking at work, which isn't a bad thing at all, just that I wish we had some time to recuperate. Maybe make it every other week or something. Of course, it doesn't help that I'm hiking in between as well. We hiked on the AT 2 weeks back, then I walked all over New England. This past weekend was 15 miles or so. Then today I went caching up in Mountaintop. Granted, it was only 2 miles or so, but it was all uphill. Oh well, beats sitting in a cubicle. Plus I found ruins.

To blow off some steam the other night, I did some nighttime caching. This particular cache was Halloween themed and had pumpkins and skeletons attached to the trees. To find the path, you have to go at night and look for cateye reflectors on the trees.
Along the way, I saw something small and black up ahead of me. With the flashlight already half dead, I figured it was a skunk. Getting closer, I noticed its ass was aiming at me. Now if you're on a trail at night and a skunk's ass is pointing right for you, you know trouble's going down. I began to back off when I noticed it had no white on it. Upon closer examination, I also saw the thing was spiky. It was growling lowly; skunks do this hiss/snort thing. Turns out it was a porcupine, somewhat curled in a ball and with its quivers outstretched. So damn cute......and stabby. And wouldn't you know it, it was the one time I didn't have my camera on me.

The tree that's been slowly leaning toward my house is no more. Doc came over and chainsawed that sucker down, along with another one that was snapped in half. There's one more dead one up on the hill a bit, but it's no threat to anything. I'll get it eventually.

I'm seriously contemplating looking into what it takes to adopt, but I have no idea where to start looking.

Ever so slowly working on the book. I think this week I've written a whopping 200 words or so.

School starts back up on the 28th. Not looking forward to it. Sucks that I have a solid 2 years to go.

I forgot to mention last time that I drank Moxie and lived. Next time you're in Maine, pick yourself up a bottle and see how long you can last. I still can't believe the stuff at one time was the top-selling soda in the country.

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Hikes of doom, New England romping, and Monopoly [09 Oct 2008|11:59pm]
[ mood | quixotic ]

So last weekend at work, we hiked all day Saturday - from 10 AM til some time after 4. Not sure how many miles we covered, but we did come across some fun spots along the Appalachian Trail, including the aptly named "Knife's Edge." Then, because it could, it rained on us both nights.

As usual, New England was fun but too brief - we left 5 AM Monday morning and came back midnight on Thursday. It'll be some time before I upload pics, so for now a brief summation will have to suffice, dear reader.
First up was a ghost town in southern New Hampshire - not too far from America's Stonehenge, actually. Not overly interesting, but alright.
We then headed to Maine. I'd only been to Maine once before, and that was way back when I was looking for colleges in my junior year. I still wonder how much better off I'd be had I gone to Machias.
We camped at the Desert of Maine, and next morning we got to tour the desert for free. We saw some silly sights in town, like the 50' Indian and the one-millionth scale earth, and then we headed up the coast a bit. There we went up a 420' tall observatory and explored an old fort - first time I went somewhere that actually encouraged visitors to bring flashlights. There was also some stupid "cursed" tomb nearby. We ended up camping out in the White Mountains of NH that night.
Next morning we backtracked a bit and headed to the "World Traveler Sign." We passed several towns that had some sort of relevance to The Dark Tower, like Gilead, Stoneham, and Lovell. Then we headed to Vermont to see the flavor graveyard at Ben & Jerry's factory.
During all this silliness, I found 12 geocaches, bringing my total up to 600.
Damn. I've found 600 geocaches. Sad thing is I know people who are well past that number. I envy them.

Damn McDonald's and their Monopoly. In 3 days I've eaten McDonald's 4 times, always looking for that elusive Boardwalk - or any piece that will complete a set really. Does anyone really win? The cups and tray sheets say they do, but who knows anyone who's actually won anything other than a free small soda or fry? I always think those people labeled "last year's winners" are really from stock photos.

School starts in a bit over 2 weeks. Not looking forward to it. To be honest, I'm not even sure why I'm going back. I'm not sure of a lot lately. Bah, I'm too moody. I probably should be on meds.

Other than my former coworker stalkers, does anyone actually read this?

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